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[Mika Kobayashi] Before My Body is Dry

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# Paroles

In the dusty basement where we met
May you surprised me so much
Because you’re talking now
I gotta find the truth from many fights
But I’m all alone
You’re the only one who can help me out
We’ll be as one

We’re ready to fight
Look over there
They try to kill us for stars
Our bond has got much stronger than before

*Don’t lose your way in your mind
We have to be as one
Don’t be afraid my sweetheart
This is the way to be more strong
Harbour my deep secret
It makes me so blue
Run through this game before my body is dry

So it seems there’s no other choice
But to go all out
Stay with me and let’s stand out
and outshine those trying to get our stars now
All we have to do is figure out how strong we are
and what it takes to stay alive
Sync and learn what we can do to take ‘em down
It’s revenge and survive
For now, we know in part
And you can feel my heart
So help me to stay focused so I don’t fall apart
I wanna be complete
It’s not in me to retreat
I could lose on my own so I really need you with me

I gotta find out who killed my dad
I hear the voice of you in my mind
I gotta find out who killed my dad
I hear the voice of you in my mind so

My blood is pumping
I’m ready to fight when you are
Let’s let no one break the bond that is ours
Show them what it means to be a shining star
You have my body
Let’s fight as one

Can’t move my feet in the dark
I don’t wanna be all alone
Can’t feel the heat in my blood
Do you remember what he said

*Repeat chorus

I really need you with me
Help me to stay focused
I wanna be complete
Fight as one with me
Let’s take ‘em down
Be a shining star
You have my body
I’m ready to fight when you are

# Quelques infos

Artistes : Mika Kobayashi, David Whitaker, KILL la KILL
Date de sortie : 2013
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