[Dustin Kensrue] Gallows

Dustin Kensrue – Gallows

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# Paroles

You work like every nail sunk
Every floorboard laid
Is another deed erased
Another debt that’s paid
Like every story you’ve erected’s gonna raise you up
So you keep slaving but it never seems to be enough

[Pre-Chorus] And now you’re scared that it’s all gonna crash to the ground
So you tied a knot and started climbing your way down
When you find that you’ve come to the end of your rope
Take a look and see where you were putting all your hope

[Chorus] Cause you built these gallows you’ve been hanging from
You’ve been holding to a noose
So just let go, just let go
You built these gallows you’ve been hanging from
And you got nothing to lose
So just let go, just let go

I love the wood’s already rotting
Though you made it clean
You’ve hated every short cut
Concealed its crooked seam
But every flaw will be revealed
Each imperfection shown
Oh, I can hear the wind howl and the timber groan

[Pre-Chorus] [Chorus] (x3)

# Quelques infos

Artiste : Dustin Kensrue
Album :  Carry the Fire
Date de sortie :  2015
Genre :  Auteur-compositeur-interprète
Spotify :
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